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Chickpea Hamper
Chickpea Hamper

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Chickpea Hamper

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Chickpeas are grown on our farm and the broader Rupanyup region, Victoria.

We are very proud to share what we grow and add Value to what we produce on our farm. 
I have been loving learning more and more about chickpeas and the flour over the last few years. This wonderful is so interesting to work with, Chickpea flour also know as Gram flour or Besan flour, naturally is Gluten free. 
Honestly, it’s wonderful learning to create and make recipes from scratch. This experience has made myself and farmer husband appreciate what we grow even more. We love the  thrill of really knowing what we create makes a difference to peoples lives when sharing a conversations about  locally grown food.  Honestly I’m obsessed with growing these ingredients and sharing them with you. 

Chickpea flour can be used as a binding ingredient in fritters and veggie burgers, as a thickener for sauces, soups and stews, for making flatbreads and batter-based foods like pancakes and waffles, and to make batters for deep-frying other foods. It's also a great ingredient to combine with other gluten free foods for making quickbreads, cookies and muffins. 

Enjoy this Hamper: 

Chickpeas 500g 

Chickpea Flour 500g

gift boxed, with recipe cards included