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Looking for more local flavour? Few can resist our chickpea brownies. 

Rupanyup Living Brownies is an extension of our family owned cropping business. On our farm we grow cereal crops and pulse crops, a large amount of tonnages of pulses are grown in our small community. It's a proud moment thinking about how we are contributing to feeding thousands of people both locally and globally. Rupanyup, is known as a town with Pulse. In 2016 as part of the 2016 year of the Pulse the towns community adopted its own brand and logo, A town with Pulse! The purpose was to raise awareness of what we grow in our region and promote our town that was declining in population. It's since become a tourist town and we love to share our Chickpea Brownies with locals and visitors. I enjoy the power of food, the health benefits and adding value to what we grow on the farm.  

Our Chickpea Flour Brownies do just that. 

It’s here in the Kitchen where we come together to connect, create delicious food and make memories. Rupanyup Living is delighted to be packing, and cooking our decadent treat in the heart of Rupanyup, The Kitchen 23 Cromie Street.
Keeping it local.  

Keep a pack in the pantry to whip up for a quick and easy treat, or pop into the store and cook with Claire and enjoy the taste of Rupanyup Living. 

Rupanyup Living Chickpea Brownies come in four oh-so-satisfying flavours, including Original, Vanilla, Mint and Chilli, plus Blondies in Original and Chia – order here

We welcome wholesale orders, email me to discuss, claire@rupanyupliving.com.au