The Grampians Goods Co Farmers Hands

The Grampians Goods Co Farmers Hands

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This deeply cleansing and invigorating hand scrub is made to wash off the toughest stains, while ensuring your hands are nourished and chemical free.

The hero of this scrub - our very own natural Australian bluestone - works its magic in eliminating the most stubborn of grime, grit and grease.

A 100% pure essential oil blend of Sweet Orange and Lemon; natures very own antiseptic and anti-inflammatry, as well as detoxifying and warming Rosemary, this hand scrub is guaranteed to leave your hard-worked hands feeling refreshed and soothed.

You don't have to be a farmer to enjoy this scrub; it works wonders for mechanics, plumbers or even your weekend shed tinkerer. We love it because it's a natural, 100% tough scrub. And. It. Works.